How Pilates has helped some of my clients

“Since Sheryl started teaching me Pilates 7 years ago and, during the past year, Fascia Integration, the results have gradually accumulated. I notice increase in strength and flexibility, increase in movement and availability of movement with a lighter feeling. I feel happier generally with more openness in body and mind. I feel more connected throughout my body. Sheryl brings to her work consistency of awareness, attention to detail with highly trained and experienced natural tuning into the work in the way she teaches. Big thanks to Sheryl.”
Carol A. Sagar

“I have been doing Pilates since 2006 and have been doing a session of one to one Pilates Reformer training with Sheryl Prendergast since the end of February and I have always had very bandy legs but now my legs are straightening up for the first time, and I am in my early 50’s. The change is significant and it has improved my posture and general well being, Sheryl has given me a daily exercise programme with the use of a roller and ball at home, my cats think it highly amusing.

Sheryl is very experienced and she is certainly helping me enormously, I am not very flexible but I am considerably more than I would be without her expert tuition. I also attend two group classes a week with Sheryl at Nuffield gym. I would also recommend her to anyone who has mobilities issues that your medical professionals believe Pilates can help with; I continue to be amazed that more men do not take it up.”
Tony, Norfolk

“Gary and I have been attending pilates weekly for six years, and can really feel the benefit of the exercises. We think Sheryl is a very competent and expert teacher.”
P. Burckitt, Norwich

“I have been attending a Pilates class with Sheryl for two years and have enjoyed and benefited from her well taught and supervised sessions. I also have been to one to one sessions and was impressed by her efficient and helpful treatments. Her use of equipment was well taught and effective.

As a physiotherapist myself, I am confident that her assessments are thorough, careful, and backed by good knowledge. Her classes are conducted in a professional way, with careful supervision and correction of everyone in the group. Tactful and appropriate guidance is given in a very pleasant and helpful way.

I have and will again in the future be pleased to recommend Sheryl to other people.”
Margaret Currie MCSP

“I look forward to my Pilates class with Sheryl, I know I will be gently guided to appropriate positions, there is a lovely friendly feel to her classes and I leave with an extra bounce in my step. I would recommend it to anybody who wishes to keep their body supple and aligned, great if you spend your time sitting.”
J. Schiebler, Norfolk

“I’d been attending Sheryl’s group classes at my gym for some years. I found Pilates really helped me with a long term back problem. I got to the stage where I wanted to progress further and decided that 1:1 tuition would help me reach my goals. Sheryl’s tuition is great. She has built a programme specifically for me and I’ve noticed an improvement in both my technique and ability since I’ve been working with her 1:1. A couple of years ago when I was expecting my son, Sheryl worked with me throughout my pregnancy, constantly adjusting my exercises as my pregnancy progressed. I was back with Sheryl within a couple of months of having given birth! I’m convinced that Sheryl’s support not only helped me to enjoy a healthly and fit pregnancy but also helped my return to fitness post baby. I’d definitely recommend her.”
Debbie, Norwich 2012

“Following 3 cancer operations 2010 and a gruelling course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Sheryl’s Pilates classes have helped me return to full fitness. I can’t speak highly enough about Pilates and Sheryl’s teaching, and through the classes I have also made friends and had lots of fun.”
TD, 2012

“I started Pilates with Sheryl about 5 years ago.  I had problems with my back and often lost time off work.  As I got into Pilates and with Sheryl’s help it strengthened my back and I started to lose less and less time off work. Over the last 3 years I have lost no time off work at all.

Pilates isn’t a cure but the benefits are great. My posture is much better, my core strength is much better and my chest has opened up which makes exercise much better. Most of all I feel much better in myself.  In truth Pilates has helped me a great deal.”
R. Wright, Norwich

“Years of bad posture had left me with a chronic back ache which required regular visits to the chiropractor to treat. Since I have been attending one-to-one Pilates sessions with Sheryl my posture has improved greatly. I’m pleased to say that back ache and chiropractors visits are now a thing of the past. Good posture and better control of my core abdominal muscles means that I have also gained the unexpected benefit of looking slimmer too!”
A. Wright, Norwich