Photo Gallery

A selection of images from the Pilates studio

Below are a selection of pictures of Pilates tuition, images of reformer one-to-one in the studio, as well as group classes using matwork with a selection of small equipment in the Norwich studio. Click on any of the thumbnail images below to view larger versions and navigate the image gallery.

Picture of Advanced Pilates Performed On The Reformer Picture of The Hundred Performed on the Pilates Reformer Picture of Reformer Pilates Performed by S P Pilates Pictue of Reformer Pilates in The Norwich Studio Stretching in Pilates Group Class Picture of Pilates small equipment group class workout Pictue of Pilates foam roller group class Picture of Sheryl Prendergast teaching Pilates in Norwich Studio Pilates Leg Exercises with Weighted Balls PIcture of Pilates small equipment group class balance workWorking with weighted ballsGroup matwork