Personal Training in the Pilates studio

What can the Pilates studio offer you?

Working in the studio is much more hands on. After giving you a full postural assessment I will then put together a Pilates programme suited to your own body shape and posture. This will be using a mixture of studio equipment the Reformer, Cadillac and also a mixture of matwork exercises. I can also create a small programme for you to practice at home, this will greatly enhance the Reformer exercises used in the studio.

The benefits over a period of time can be quite significant because you are working your muscles against light spring resistance of the Reformer. This will eventually align the muscles that support your spine. All of these exercises are chosen with great care and observation.

Where is the SP Pilates Studio located in Norwich?

SP Pilates Studio
The Therapy Centre
5 Hurricane Way
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Studio prices

One-to-one training: £46.50 per hour.

Note: All cancellations of one-to-one sessions will be charged at full price, if informed of cancellation less than 24 hours before session.

Studio equipment

After having your full postural assessment you will be using the Pilates Reformer. The Reformer resembles a single bed. The carriage of this equipment of this equipment moves against light spring resistance. Using your Pilates moves against the light springs will gently re-align any muscles that may have been working out of balance.

With patience and time you will lengthen muscles that are working to short and strong and strengthen muscles that are working to long and stretched.  Eventually your body will move with balance and harmony.

What to wear

On your first visit you will need to wear comfortable close fitting clothing so that your postural alignment can be observed correctly. For your Pilates session reasonably loose comfortable clothing can be worn.  No foot wear is needed, however warm socks can be worn during the winter months.

Before your first session

You will need to fill in a health questionnaire so that I may best assess your needs. Please download and complete the questionnaire and bring it with your to your first session.

Download Health Questionnaire (PDF) →