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Picture of Norwich based Pilates instructor Sheryl Prendergast

Sheryl Prendergast – Pilates Instructor

I began teaching in the Fitness Industry twenty years ago. I trained as a Pilates teacher seventeen years ago. My original training was with the Pilates Institute. I am now training with CPM Pilates which specialises with myofascial tissue release. This interacts very well with the Pilates method. It works wonderfully when used with the Pilates studio equipment.

I’m very interested in the close relationship between the mind/body experience and our emotional feelings; and,from this,how we perceive our everyday life. When we experience anxiety and restlessness in our minds, this can often reflect within our bodies and is then felt as pain.

I practice meditation daily which enhances the quality of my life and work. I have been extremely fortunate to develop my own practice under the guidance of Tara Rokpa Therapy which was originated by Dr Akong Tulka Rinpoche of Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Scotland during the 1980’s.

My ongoing experience

As our awareness increases,the direct impact of the mind upon our body sensations helps us to understand the choices available to us. We have choices in our everyday lives towards health and expansion of our potential. With more understanding of one’s own body/mind connectedness this extends to others so that we become more sensitive to their needs.

Each of us may begin to see that there is more potential within us than we have thought. We are more than we think. As we gradually feel and understand the mind/body connection on many levels this carries forward into our everyday awareness.

The experiential work of myofascial release with Pilates methods gives a supportive ground and deeply felt relationship with ourselves.


Masters Diploma with the Pilates Institute.

  • Matwork level 1 (beginners)
  • Matwork level 2 (intermediate/advanced)
  • Pilates and the elders
  • Pilates Pre/Post Natal
  • Pilates on the ball
  • Remedial Pilates
  • Pilates and Backcare
  • Reformer level one
  • Reformer level two
  • Pilates and studio small equipment

Spatial Medicine

I’m currently training with CPM Pilates (Contrology Pilates Method) in a method called Spatial Medicine. Studying the importance of the Myofascial connective web of tissue that holds us together.

This connective tissue is currently being extensively researched in the medical field. It’s now realised that this connective tissues holds the key to chronic muscle pain. With gentle manipulation of muscles the therapy focus on releasing muscular shortness and tightness. Thus creating a sense of wellbeing.