Welcome to SP Pilates Instruction

I am currently teaching group matwork classes around the Norwich area. You should be able to find a class close by to your neighbourhood. I teach group matwork classes of 12-15 people.

I also have my own dedicated Pilates Studio at The Therapy Centre, 5 Hurricane Way (near to Norwich Airport) and I teach one-to-one personal training at my studio.

What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates developed his system of exercise to encourage his clients to live a healthy lifestyle. He placed great emphasis on deep breathing and exercising regularly.

Over the years the Pilates method has become the preferred exercise programme for those people who enjoy exercising their mind as well as their body.

New: Pilates Spatial Medicine

I’m currently training with CPM Pilates (Contrology Pilates Method) in a method called Spatial Medicine. Studying the importance of the Myofascial connective web of tissue that holds us together.

This connective tissue is currently being extensively researched in the medical field. It’s now realised that this connective tissues holds the key to chronic muscle pain. With gentle manipulation of muscles the therapy focus on releasing muscular shortness and tightness. Thus creating a sense of wellbeing.

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